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Editorial Policies

At 6 News, we're committed to independent & unbiased reporting. We set high standards for our team of young journalists, so our viewers can trust us as a credible and legitimate outlet.

Our editorial policies are the following:

1. Independent & Unbiased

We will not take sides on political or social issues, on-air & online. Our reporters remain independent by chasing stories themselves, working on their own stories, and offering a new choice for news. However, 6 News fully supports the right for our team to share their thoughts on issues relating to journalism & the media - as it is a matter of press freedom.

2. Accuracy

Focus on the facts - not the rumours. 6 News aims for all our stories to be based in fact, especially when it comes to public health advice & updates. However, we reserve the right to report on claims & rumours, while not explicitly confirming them as factual. We have broken a number of stories using what can be described as "rumours" and we don't intend to stop reporting them entirely.

3. Corrections

As stated just before, 6 News is committed to factual & unbiased reporting - and that also means correcting the record if we report inaccurate information. Too many people refuse to acknowledge if they have posted misinformation or lies, and we believe that has to change. If you believe we need to correct a story, please DM us on social media.

4. Show all sides - but don't take a side

6 News welcomes a diverse range of perspectives to comment on relevant issues & topics. The views of our guests are their & theirs only - and we welcome you to comment with your own thoughts. 

This page will continue to update with any new editorial policies.

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