The arrest of a producer for comedian & YouTuber FriendlyJordies has been slammed by people on all sides of politics as a “major overreach” by NSW Police.


Kristo Langker was arrested at his family home on June 4 by officers from the state’s 'fixated persons unit.' His lawyers allege Langker’s mother was assaulted during the arrest and slammed what they described as “utterly extreme” bail conditions, which banned their client from possessing images or caricatures of John Barilaro.


The NSW Deputy Premier is currently suing FriendlyJordies, whose real name is Jordan Shanks, for defamation over a number of videos in which he was labelled "corrupt" & claims were racist."


Just days after news of the arrest became public, a Facebook group with more than 33,000 members run by Mr Shanks was banned - with Crikey reporting it may have been because of an image of Adolf Hitler.


However, FriendlyJordies hasn't escaped criticism, with some social media users labelling him a "hypocrite" over previous comments made in 2019 about the AFP raids on a News Corp journalist & the ABC.

"Don't feel sorry for them when they go 'what happened to freedom of press?'" Mr. Shanks said in the video, before going on to say "cry bloody murder."

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