Climate activist reacts to the IPCC report that's been dubbed a 'code red for humanity'

Posted August 26, 2021 by 6 News Staff

The fallout from the UN’s report on climate change is continuing today, with the IPCC report dubbed a ‘code red’ for humanity.


It's revealed that there is a narrow path to avoiding a climate catastrophe, and it may be our final warning.


Earlier, Leonardo Puglisi caught up with activist Daniel Bleakley, who said he was 'quite depressed' after seeing the report.

"For a lot of people in the movement, the IPCC was stating things that a number of us had already known for some time."

When asked if the major parties in Australia had failed at tackling climate change, he said "absolutely." 

"Both the Liberal Party & the Labor Party have utterly failed Australians in addressing the climate crisis...they both take donations from the fossil fuel industry."

He also said that he believes the Greens have the best climate policies out of all parties, but it still doesn't "go far enough."

Part 2 of our interview with Daniel Bleakley airs next week on Press Gallery at 8am AEST.

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