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6 News is live when you need us to be. There's no boring and unnecessary filler, we just bring you the facts with our top of the hour bulletins, programs & special rolling coverage.

Whether it's in the morning, throughout the day, in the evening or late at night - you can be sure 6 News will be covering it on-air, online and on our website.

From the news broadcasts on-air when you need them to our regular programs, we'll always keep you informed with independent & unbiased journalism.

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6 News Mornings

The news you need to know when you get up, as stories begin to unfold & overnight developments are covered in-depth

6am-12pm AEDT

  • YouTube
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6 News Afternoons

Reports from across Australia as news breaks nationwide, with live coverage of important events and major breaking news

12pm-5pm AEDT

  • YouTube
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6 News Evenings

Full details on the day's key events, plus reports on stories as they come into the newsroom - not like other bulletins you'd see at 6pm

5pm-10pm AEDT

  • YouTube
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6 News Late

Wrapping up the biggest stories of the day and covering the latest developments as many other parts of the world begin to wake up

10pm-12am AEDT

  • YouTube
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6 News Overnight

Breaking stories from across Australia & the world as they unfold - with special rolling coverage of some of the most important stories you'll see

12am-6am AEDT

  • YouTube
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SpinCheck LIVE

Don't wait until Sunday morning for the latest political headlines - tune into SpinCheck LIVE every week for a panel of reporters, politicians and newsmakers

Every Thursday at 8pm AEDT

  • YouTube
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Unedited and uncensored interviews with key newsmakers, from former US vice-presidential candidates to sitting prime ministers

Available on-demand

  • YouTube
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In an age of increasing misinformation and fake news, we bring you the facts and correct the falsehoods - no matter where the claims come from

Available on-demand

  • YouTube
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