The new way we're reporting daily COVID-19 numbers in Australia

Posted September 27, 2021 by Leonardo Puglisi

As Australia & the world continues to move towards 'COVID normal' & moves the focus towards deaths, hospitalisations & vaccinations - 6 News will be doing the same.


We will no longer constantly be reporting daily case numbers as ‘breaking news’ every single morning when they’re announced.


Instead - we'll post a daily wrap-up on all of our social media pages with the numbers from every single state & territory - as well as deaths & any other major developments.


We will keep changing up our coverage as the world moves forward, and make sure you stay informed with the information that matters.


We’d love to hear your feedback - so go to our anonymous Google Form where you can tell us how well or poorly we’ve done at being unbiased & what you want to see more & less of.

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