EXPLAINED: Why your favourite TV network can't show Olympics footage 

If you’re not an Olympics viewer & prefer to tune into something else than Channel 7, you might notice a surprising lack of coverage of the games.


Non-rights broadcasters are only permitted to use 3 minutes of footage, 3 times a day, separated by 3 hours.


For 24/7 news channels, like Sky News, they can use up to 6 x 90 seconds of footage daily.


No more than 30 seconds of a single event can be included within that.


A top right credit must appear on screen for 5 seconds, with the words ‘Courtesy of Seven Network’ - and 7’s watermark can not be obscured or blurred in any way.


No footage can be used after 48 hours of an event’s conclusion, no footage of previous Olympic Games’ can be shown, and any footage recorded within an Olympic venue is subject to the above guidelines.


In addition, many networks cannot use the actual Olympics logo - some opting to only use the colours instead.


Sources tell 6 News that Nine will only be using IOC footage in their main 6pm bulletin, and not during any daytime or late night news programs.

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