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9 years since Kevin Rudd said "if you come by boat, you'll never permanently live in Australia"

Has Labor's position on offshore detention processing changed since then?

Today marks 9 years since then-Prime Minister Kevin Rudd announced that asylum seekers who arrive in Australia by boat will "have no chance of being settled in Australia as refugees."

The announcement was made in 2013 alongside the then-PM of Papua New Guinea, Peter O'Neill.

"From now on, any asylum seeker who arrives in Australia by boat will have no chance of being settled in Australia as refugees," Rudd announced at a press conference.

In a follow-up video, he said "if you come by boat, you'll never permanently live in Australia."

The year prior, Julia Gillard reopened the Nauru and Manus Island offshore detention centres.

Today, Greens Immigration and Citizenship Spokesperson Senator Nick McKim said that the anniversary "should give the new government pause for thought and incentive to develop a new policy framework."

"This is a humanitarian crisis that has now lasted nine long years, and there are still many hundreds of people who do not have permanent protection."

"That is nine years of torture, death, brutality and deliberate cruelty, and blood on the hands of three successive Australian Governments of both political stripe."

During the election campaign, Anthony Albanese confirmed he would not ditch offshore processing.

"It was established in 2013 when I was the Deputy Prime Minister."

On social media in April, Labor also confirmed the same.

"If you attempt to come to Australia by boat, you will not make it."

"Labor supports OSB– offshore processing, regional resettlement & boat turn-backs where safe to do so, but for years Labor has warned (Scott) Morrison has put border protection on ‘set and forget’ mode."

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