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Victoria Decides: A-Z list of every single candidate running in the state election (part 1)

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Candidates listed from A-M by surname.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This page stopped being updated on 5 November 2022. Some details may no longer be accurate.

For a full up-to-date list of candidates, click here (lower house) or here (upper house).

This page will remain up in full for archival purposes.


This is part 1 of our A-Z list of every single candidate running in the Victorian state election in both the Legislative Assembly & Legislative Council.


For the N-Z part of this list, click here.

For the full list on a seat-by-seat basis, click here.

For full coverage of the Victorian election, click here.


IMPORTANT: Not all candidates have been announced yet, so check back here for updates throughout the election campaign.

Many of the candidates listed have hyperlinks attached to them - click them to see more coverage of them from 6 News.

Any electoral district with 'region' in its name indicates it is an upper house seat.

Read the 'notes' section for additional information here.

If you believe we've forgotten a candidate or gotten something wrong, please don't hesitate to DM us on social media - @6NewsAU - or email

With that being said, enjoy the list!



AVP Angry Victorians Party

AJP Animal Justice Party

AFP Australian Federation Party

ALP Australian Labor Party

DLP Democratic Labour Party

DHJP Derryn Hinch's Justice Party

FFP Family First Party

FFV Family First Victoria

FP Freedom Party of Victoria

HAP Health Australia Party

INDP Independence Party

IND Independent

IND FUS Independent (FUSION-endorsed)

IND SC Independent (Sensible Centre-endorsed)

IND SA Independent (Socialist Alliance-endorsed)

IAPA Indigenous-Aboriginal Party of Australia

LDP Liberal Democrats

LIB Liberal Party

NAT National Party

NDP New Democrats

PHON Pauline Hanson's One Nation

RP Reason Party

RDSDA Restore Democracy Sack Dan Andrews Party

SFF Shooters, Fishers and Farmers

SAP Sustainable Australia Party

GRN The Greens

TMP Transport Matters Party

UAP United Australia Party

VP Victorians Party

VS Victorian Socialists

* = Incumbent MP

** = Not re-contesting

*** = No longer contesting (eg: disendorsed, resigned, failed at getting preselection)


A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M



FP Adrian Abdulovski (Point Cook)

LDP Michael Abelman (Caulfield)

LDP Chrysten Abraham (Frankston)

VS Natalie Acreman (Eastern Victoria Region)

AJP Elizabeth Adams (Pascoe Vale)

ALP Juliana Addison (Wendouree)*

AJP Fiona Adin-James (Melton)

GRN Joe Agilus (Broadmeadows)

IND Charelle Ainslie (Nepean)

FP Ray Akers (Eastern Victoria Region)

IAPA Laylah Al Saimary (Northern Victoria Region)

ALP Jacinta Allan (Bendigo East)*

IND Carol Altmann (South-West Coast)

NAT Rob Amos (Northern Victoria Region)

AJP Jacinta Anderson (South-West Coast)

ALP Daniel Andrews (Mulgrave)*

LIB Neil Angus (Glen Waverley)*

FP Alexander Ansalone (Williamstown)

SAP Steven Armstrong (Northern Metropolitan Region)

LIB Bruce Atkinson (Eastern Metropolitan Region)**

RP Melanie Audrey (Eastern Victoria Region)


UAP Matt Babet (South Eastern Metropolitan Region)

LIB Matthew Bach (Eastern Metropolitan Region)*

AJP Rabin Bangaar (Melbourne)

UAP Deepak Bansal (Western Metropolitan Region)

IND Matthew Bansemer (Bendigo West)

IND Patrizia Barcatta (Werribee)

LDP Paul Barker (Western Victoria Region)

RP Dean Barnes (Eastern Victoria Region)

TMP Rod Barton (North Eastern Metropolitan Region)*

ALP Ryan Batchelor (Southern Metropolitan Region)

NAT Melina Bath (Eastern Victoria Region)*

LIB Brad Battin (Gembrook)*

DLP Peter Bayliss (Sunbury)

AJP Terri Beech (Point Cook)

NAT Jade Benham (Mildura)

GRN Zoe Kromar (Ovens Valley)

LIB James Bennett-Hullin (Geelong)

GRN James Bennett (Euroa)

FFV Lisa Bentley (Western Metropolitan Region)***

ALP John Berger (Southern Metropolitan Region)

AJP Iris Bergmann (Macedon)

GRN Emily Bieber (Ivanhoe)

FP Leonie Blackwell (Narracan)

LIB Gary Blackwood (Narracan)**

ALP Lizzie Blandthorn (Western Metropolitan Region)*

AFP Cameron Blewitt (North EAastern Metropolitan Region)

GRN Jack Boddeke (Werribee)

VS Colleen Bolger (Melbourne)

IND SA Sue Bolton (Pascoe Vale)

LIB Dominic Bonanno (Macedon)

AJP Chloe Bond (Eildon)

IND Denes Borsos (Polwarth)

SFF Jeff Bourman (Eastern Victoria Region)*

DLP Jen Bowden (South Eastern Metropolitan Region)

GRN Luke Brady (Benambra)

ALP Chris Brayne (Nepean)*

DLP Catherine Breakwell (Werribee)

AJP Gwynne Brennan (Cranbourne)

HAP Angelica Brennfleck (Western Victoria Region)

GRN Alex Breskin (South Eastern Metropolitan Region)

ALP Megan Bridger-Darling (Western Victoria Region)

LIB Roma Britnell (South-West Coast)*

NAT Gaelle Broad (Northern Victoria Region)

LIB Karen Broadley (Dandenong)

ALP Colin Brooks (Bundoora)*

LIB Aaron Brown (Bass)

VP Greg Brown (Ovens Murray)***

GRN John Brownstein (Murray Plains)

LIB Bec Buchanan (Carrum)

GRN Calum Bugbird (Bass)

ALP Josh Bull (Sunbury)*

NAT Tim Bull (Gippsland East)*

FFP Darren Buller (Western Metropolitan Region)

IND Ian Burchall (Melton)

LIB David Burgess (Eastern Victoria)

LIB Neale Burgess (Hastings)**

GRN Richard Burke (Sunbury)

LIB Cathrine Burnett-Wake (Eastern Victoria Region)***

GRN Ellen Burns (Wendouree)

AVP Chris Burson (Western Victoria Region)

ALP Susie Byers (Northern Metropolitan Region)

DLP Jane Byrne (Niddrie)


FFP Alister Cameron (North Eastern Metropolitan Region)

NAT Martin Cameron (Morwell)

GRN Thomas Campbell (South-West Coast)

IND Stephen Capon (Narre Warren North)

AJP Jason Caracassis (St Albans)

ALP Anthony Carbines (Ivanhoe)*

IND SA Angela Carr (Geelong)

ALP Ben Carroll (Niddrie)*

GRN Jackie Carter (Kew)

ALP Wesa Chau (Prahran)

ALP Darren Cheeseman (South Barwon)*

FP Greg Cheesman (North Eastern Metropolitan Region)

GRN Ben Chester (Kororoit)

SAP Ian Chivers (Northern Victoria Region)

VS Hajar Chlihi (Sydenham)

ALP Anthony Cianflone (Pascoe Vale)

RP April Clarke (Northcote)

FP Sammi Clarke (Pakenham)

NAT Annabelle Cleeland (Euroa)

GRN Katie Clements (Mildura)

FP Nick Clonaridis (Eastern Victoria Region)***

ALP Sarah Connolly (Laverton)*

IND Ian Cook (Mulgrave)

LIB Sharn Coombes (Eastern Victoria Region)

GRN Katherine Copsey (Southern Metropolitan Region)

SAP Jack Corcoran (North Eastern Metropolitan Region)

LIB Simmone Cottom (Sunbury)

AJP Sally Court (Gippsland East)

ALP Christine Couzens (Geelong)*

AJP Austin Cram (Eastern Victoria Region)

ALP Louise Crawford (Brighton)

LIB Chris Crewther (Mornington)

FFP Dean Cronkwright (Western Victoria Region)

LIB Georgie Crozier (Southern Metropolitan Region)*

ALP Jordan Crugnale (Bass)*

SFF Ben Collyer (Western Victoria Region)

RP Jeremy Cowen (Richmond)

LIB Joseph Cullia (Sydenham)

INDP Catherine Cumming (Western Metropolitan Region)*

IND Ali Cupper (Mildura)*

AJP Bronwyn Currie (South Eastern Metropolitan Region)

LDP Anthony Cursio (Western Metropolitan Region)

UAP Andrew Cuthbertson (Western Metropolitan Region)

VS Kelly Cvetkova (Thomastown)


VS Daniel Nair Dadich (Essendon)

ALP Lily D'Ambrosio (Mill Park)*

LIB David Davis (Southern Metropolitan Region)*

GRN Genevieve Dawson-Scott (South Barwon)

ALP Daniela De Martino (Monbulk)

GRN Gabrielle De Vietri (Richmond)

DLP Cary De Wit (North Eastern Metropolitan Region)

LIB Moira Deeming (Western Metropolitan Region)

GRN Sarah Dekiere (Brighton)

AJP Chris Delforce (North Eastern Metropolitan Region)

ALP Lorna Dent (Evelyn)

DLP Michael Deverala (Kororoit)

GRN Angelica Di Camillo (Rowville)

ALP Steve Dimopoulos (Oakleigh)*

AJP Katherine Divita (Kororoit)

FP Tony Dobran (Melton)

DLP Hugh Dolan (Northern Metropolitan Region)

ALP Luke Donnellan (Narre Warren North)**

LIB Jen Dow (Prahran)***

IND Michael Doyle (Ashwood)

LIB Timothy Dragan (Narre Warren North)

IND Georgie Dragwidge (Albert Park)

AJP Danielle Duck (Mulgrave)

ALP Kacie Duncan (Morwell)***

TMP Norm Dunn (South Eastern Metropolitan Region)

GRN Braishna Durzada (Laverton)

LIB Baris Duzova (Broadmeadows)

VS Emma Dynes (Northern Victoria Region)


ALP Paul Edbrooke (Frankston)*

ALP Maree Edwards (Bendigo West)*

ALP Nazih Elasmar (Northern Metropolitan Region)**

AJP Pamela Engelander (Nepean)

AJP Barbara Eppingstall (Sandringham)

ALP Enver Erdogan (Northern Metropolitan Region)*

ALP John Eren (Lara)**

FP Georgia Erevnidis (Carrum)

RP Shea Evans (Brunswick)


AJP Loraine Fabb (Oakleigh)

UAP Natalie Failla (Western Victoria Region)

LIB Wayne Farnham (Narracan)

LIB David Farrelly (Pakenham)

AJP Candace Feild (Broadmeadows)

IND Sarah Fenton (Bellarine)

LDP Julian Fidge (Ovens Valley)

FP Andrew Filippopoulos (Mill Park)

LDP Samuel Fink (Eastern Victoria Region)

DLP Bernie Finn (Western Metropolitan Region)*

RDSDA Tosh-Jake Finnigan (Western Victoria Region)

DLP Rochelle Fisher (Williamstown)

LIB John Fletcher (Kororoit)

ALP Martin Foley (Albert Park)**

AJP Leah Folloni (Monbulk)

LDP Matthew Ford (Southern Metropolitan Region)

ALP Will Fowles (Burwood)*

ALP Georgia Fowler (Mornington)

RP Nicola Foxworthy (Melbourne)

IND Felicity Frederico (Brighton)

DLP Michael Freeman (Point Cook)

ALP Matt Fregon (Mount Waverley)*

AJP Mike Fuery (Benambra)

AJP Faith Fuhrer (Prahran)

GRN Mitchell Fuller (Malvern)

AJP Rosanna Furina (Greenvale)


ALP Nildhara Gadani (North Eastern Metropolitan Region)

ALP Michael Galea (South Eastern Metropolitan Region)

VS James Gallagher (Sunbury)

GRN Alana Galli-McRostie (Bentleigh)

GRN Courtney Gardner (Lara)

IND Joe Garra (Point Cook)

ALP Kylie Gaston (South-West Coast)

ALP Chloe Gaul (Northern Metropolitan Region)

ALP Ella George (Lara)

IND George Georgiou (Brunswick)

ALP Mark Gepp (Northern Victoria Region)**

LIB Usman Ghani (Greenvale)

VS Belle Gibson (Kororoit)

IND Sally Gibson (Brighton)

IND Sharon Gibson (Morwell)

NAT Shaun Gilchrist (Narracan)

GRN Esther Gleixner (Nepean)

AJP Diane Glenane (Rowville)

RP Margee Glover (Pascoe Vale)

IND FUS Simon Gneislaw (Bentleigh)

GRN Campbell Gome (Northcote)

VS Madilyn Gorman (Western Victoria Region)

ALP Sorina Grasso (Croydon)

IND Gaetano Greco (Preston)

ALP Danielle Green (Yan Yean)**

GRN Emily Green (Frankston)

AJP Milton Griffiths (Ashwood)

LIB Donnie Grigau (Bellarine)

ALP Luba Grigorovitch (Kororoit)

GRN Alex Grimes (Eltham)

DHJP Stuart Grimley (Western Victoria Region)*

LIB Jim Grivokostopoulos (Oakleigh)

LIB Sam Groth (Nepean)

HAP Isaac Golden (Western Metropolitan Region)

HAP Leiah Golden (Western Metropolitan Region)

HAP Geraldine Gonsalvez (South Eastern Metropolitan Region)

TMP Kim Guest (North Eastern Metropolitan Region)

LIB Matthew Guy (Bulleen)*


VS Madeleine Hah (Pascoe Vale)

ALP Bronwyn Halfpenny (Thomastown)*

ALP Katie Hall (Footscray)*

ALP Dustin Halse (Ringwood)**

ALP Paul Hamer (Box Hill)*

LIB Cheryl Hammer (Shepparton)

AJP Maddy Hance (Glen Waverley)

FP Geoff Hansen (Narre Warren South)

FP Gerardine Hansen (Cranbourne)

FP Greg Hansford (Eastern Victoria Region)

LIB Manjunatha Hanumantharayappa (South Eastern Metropolitan Region)

ALP Lior Harel (Caulfield)

LIB Dale Harriman (Morwell)

AJP David Harris (Bentleigh)

VS Omar Hassan (Broadmeadows)

IND SA Sarah Hathway (Lara)

LIB Golam Haque (Western Metropolitan Region)

FP Kerry Haupt (Berwick)

IND Jacqui Hawkins (Benambra)

SAP Clifford Hayes (Southern Metropolitan Region)*

ALP Martha Haylett (Ripon)

AJP Jan Heald (Evelyn)

FP Daniella Healtherich (North Eastern Metropolitan Region)

LIB Brad Hearn (Euroa)

LIB Renee Heath (Eastern Victoria)

GRN Andrew Henley (Evelyn)

ALP Jill Hennessy (Altona)**

LIB Ann-Marie Hermans (South Eastern Metropolitan Region)

DHJP John Herron (Northern Victoria Region)

GRN Sam Hibbins (Prahran)*

ALP Mat Hilakari (Point Cook)

AJP Bryn Hills (Wendouree)

DHJP Derryn Hinch (Southern Metropolitan Region)

FFP Imad Hirmiz (Northern Metropolitan Region)

GRN Hsiang-Han Hsieh (Oakleigh)

DLP Mark Hobart (St Albans)

VS Karen Hocking (Northern Victoria Region)

LIB David Hodgett (Croydon)*

ALP Melissa Horne (Williamstown)*

AJP Leah Horsfall (Northern Metropolitan Region)

GRN Rochelle Hine (Morwell)

IND Paul Hopper (Werribee)

SAP Brandon Hoult (South Eastern Metropolitan Region)

FP Richard Hudson (Eildon)

IND Vern Hughes (Eastern Victoria Region)

IND FUS Kammy Cordner Hunt (Eildon)

ALP Hutch Hussein (Polwarth)

ALP Natalie Hutchins (Sydenham)*

LIB Briony Hutton (Hastings)

IND SA Arie Huybregts (Broadmeadows)


GRN Rachel Iampolski (Caulfield)


AJP Tyson Jack (Hastings)

AJP Elnaz Jafari (Bulleen)

GRN Earl James (Ripon)

FFP Vickie Janson (Southern Metropolitan Region)

UAP Ronald Jean (Southern Metropolitan Region)

AJP Helen Jeges (Gippsland South)

RP Carmen Lahiff Jenkins (Preston)

SAP Bert Jessup (Western Metropolitan Region)

VS Nahui Jimenez (Brunswick)

IND Jeni Jobe (Bass)

LIB Emete Joesika (Footscray)

RP Andrew Johnson (Southern Metropolitan Region)

AJP Elizabeth Johnston (Frankston)

FP Morgan C Jonas (South Eastern Metropolitan Region)

FFP Lee Jones (South Eastern Metropolitan Region)

VS Jorge Jorquera (Footscray)

GRN Deepak Joshi (Warrandyte)

LIB Asher Judah (Ashwood)


ALP Marlene Kairouz (Kororoit)**

IND Nomi Kaltmann (Caulfield)

ALP Lauren Kathage (Yan Yean)

LIB Andrew Katos (South Barwon)

NAT Emma Kealy (Lowan)*

GRN Chris Kearney (Mill Park)

LIB Daria Kellander (Williamstown)

AJP Peter Kelly (Lara)

ALP John Kennedy (Hawthorn)*

LIB Maria Kerr (St Albans)

ALP Imran Khan (South Eastern Metropolitan Region)

GRN Shamsher Khan (Point Cook)

LIB Bernadette Khoury (Ivanhoe)

ALP Tien Kieu (South Eastern Metropolitan Region)*

ALP Sonya Kilkenny (Carrum)*

LDP Ethelyn King (South Eastern Metropolitan Region)

IND Parashos Kioupelis (Oakleigh)

GRN Matthew Kirwan (Dandenong)

AJP Andrew Klop (Dandenong)

SFF Josh Knight (Northern Victoria Region)

UAP Leon Kofmansky (Southern Metropolitan Region)

FP Natasha Kons (Southern Metropolitan Region)

VS Lilian Kopschewa (North Eastern Metropolitan Region)

LIB Ralph Krein (Lara)

GRN Zoe Kromar (Ovens Valley)

VS Liam Kruger (Southern Metropolitan Region)

IND Heni Kwan (Werribee)


IND SC Cheryl Lacey (Southern Metropolitan Region)

AJP Peter Lalich (Shepparton)

AJP Rachel Lamarche (Brunswick)

ALP Nathan Lambert (Preston)

HAP Kate Lambrick (South Eastern Metropolitan Region)

HAP Mark Lambrick (Southern Metropolitan Region)

IND SC Megan Lane (Western Victoria)

GRN Ricky Lane (Lowan)

LIB Kirsten Langford (North Eastern Metropolitan Region)

IND Kate Lardner (Mornington)

VS Kath Larkin (Northcote)

LDP Josh Lay (North Eastern Metropolitan Region)

HAP Con Lazos (Western Victoria Region)

DLP Thuy Kim Le (Western Metropolitan Region)

AJP Alice Le Huray (Prahran)

ALP Shaun Leane (Eastern Metropolitan Region)*

RP Martin Lehay (South Eastern Metropolitan Region)

GRN Daniel Lessa (Mordialloc)

AJP Karina Leung (Sydenham)

AJP Evie Levens (Thomastown)

VS Cathy Lewis (Northern Metropolitan Region)

GRN Jayde Lillico (Carrum)

IND Aaron Lim (Richmond)***

GRN Robert Lim (Mulgrave)

LDP David Limbrick (South Eastern Metropolitan Region)*

GRN Nissa Ling (Gippsland East)

IND Cameron Liston (Box Hill)

LIB Gladys Liu (North Eastern Metropolitan Region)***

VP Philip Le Liu (unknown)***

LIB Wendy Lovell (Northern Victoria Region)*

AJP Frances Lowe (Kalkallo)

IND Melissa Lowe (Hawthorn)

FP Andrew Lu (Bundoora)

IND SC Benny Lucas (Narracan)***

LIB Matt Lucas (Prahran)

IND Tracie Lund (Morwell)

LIB Trung Luu (Western Metropolitan Region)


ALP Gary Maas (Narre Warren South)*

VS Julien Macandili (Williamstown)

IND Chloe Mackallah (Bayswater)

AJP Patricia Mackevicius (Williamstown)

GRN Michelle Maibaum (Pakenham)

FP Alexander Maidana (Morwell)

VS Richard Mann (Eastern Victoria Region)

GRN Sarah Mansfield (Western Victoria Region)

AJP Shohre Mansouri (Footscray)

ALP Alison Marchant (Bellarine)

AJP Catriona Marshall (Eltham)

IND Clarke Martin (Sandringham)

GRN Samantha Mason (Yan Yean)

LIB Paul Matheson (Mildura)

FP Angelique Matias (Preston)

ALP Kathleen Matthews-Ward (Broadmeadows)

LDP Stephen Matulec (Narre Warren North)

FP Frank Maugeri (Niddrie)

ALP Kate Maxfield (Morwell)

DHJP Tania Maxwell (Northern Victoria Region)*

AJP Victoria Maxwell (Bendigo West)

VP Ingrid Maynard (Eastern Victoria Region)***

AJP Jennifer McAdam (Eastern Victoria Region)

GRN Hilary McAllister (Polwarth)

LIB Bev McArthur (Western Victoria Region)*

VS Alex McAulay (Point Cook)

AJP Jessica McAuliffe (Morwell)

UAP Scott McCamish (Northern Metropolitan Region)

LDP Rob McCathie (Eastern Victoria Region)

LIB Jason McClintock (Eltham)

GRN Sam McColl (Eureka)

LIB Joe McCracken (Western Victoria)

NAT Tim McCurdy (Ovens Valley)*

AJP Harley McDonald-Eckersall (Croydon)

ALP Steve McGhie (Melton)*

GRN Declan McGinness (Niddrie)

LIB Nick McGowan (North Eastern Metropolitan Region)

LDP Julia McGrath (Western Victoria Region)

ALP Frank McGuire (Broadmeadows)**

LIB Samantha McIntosh (Wendouree)

ALP Tom McIntosh (Eastern Victoria Region)

GRN Laura McLean (Narre Warren North)

LIB Cindy McLeish (Eildon)*

AJP Vyonne McLelland-Howe (Bendigo East)

FP Aidan McLindon (Mulgrave)

ALP James McWhinney (Northern Victoria Region)

IND Amanda Mead (Lowan)

AJP Andy Meddick (Western Victoria Region)*

AJP Shannon Meilak (Niddrie)

ALP Cesar Melhem (Western Metropolitan Region)*

ALP Paul Mercurio (Hastings)

ALP James Merlino (Monbulk)**

PHON Ben Mihail (Bendigo East)

GRN Wil Mikelsons (Eildon)

LIB Amanda Millar (Northern Victoria Region)

LIB Elizabeth Miller (Nepean)***

ALP Gareth Mills (Northern Victoria Region)

IND Glenn Milne (Mildura)

AJP Rohanna Mohr (Sunbury)

IND Aijaz Moinuddin (Tarneit)

LDP Tim Molesworth (Northern Victoria Region)

LIB Lucas Moon (Richmond)

VS Lucas Moore (North Eastern Metropolitan Region)

GRN Jessamine Moffett (Clarinda)

UAP Kelly Moran (Northern Metropolitan Region)

HAP Shaun Moran (Northern Victoria Region)

GRN Mat Morgan (Eastern Victoria Region)

GRN Peter Morgan (Ashwood)

LIB David Morris (Mornington)**

LIB Joshua Morris (Western Victoria)***

GRN Praise Morris (Melton)

AJP Wendy Morrison (Eureka)

AJP Bob Motta (Geelong)

AJP Elly Mousellis (Bass)

SFF Ricky Muir (Gippsland East)

ALP John Mullahy (Glen Waverley)

LIB Evan Mulholland (Northern Metropolitan Region)

HAP Leesa Munro (North Eastern Metropolitan Region)

VS Sue Munro (Werribee)

VS Aran Mylvaganam (Western Metropolitan Region)

AJP Asher Myerson (Caulfield)



  • Neil Angus is the current member for Forest Hill but is running for the new seat of Glen Waverley.

  • Sarah Connolly is the current member for Tarneit but is running for the new seat of Laverton.

  • The Sensible Centre, a self-described "initiative of Civil Society Australia," attempted to run in the 2022 federal election & had at least 1 candidate named - although planned to support independents in the lower & upper houses of parliament. Given their previous involvement as an unregistered party (or group, depending on how you want to label them) candidates with their support at this election will be labelled as "IND-SC" - similar to how Socialist Alliance-endorsed independents are labelled as "IND-SA". Teal independents (or candidates backed by 'Independents' groups, like Kew Independents) will not receive a specific label as a 'teal' candidate is not as easy to define & groups are only backing a single candidate in many cases, but will instead have all those details noted in our 'seat-by-seat' page & also in our other coverage.

  • The Victorians Party announced several candidates but said on August 12 they would no longer be running.


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