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A tale of two independents: Dickson candidates Alan Buchbach & Thor Prohaska speak to 6 News

Updated: May 19, 2022

The Queensland seat is currently held by Defence Minister Peter Dutton.

Alan Buchbach, an independent candidate for the Queensland seat of Dickson, has told 6 News he is confident he'll get votes & has had "a lot of support."

Buchbach, who told SpinCheck he was a former Liberal party member, says he's not interested in being a career politician.

The seat of Dickson is currently held by Defence Minister Peter Dutton on a 4.6% margin.

Meanwhile, another independent - Thor Prohaska - has told 6 News that he's "extremely unconfident" in his election chances.

Prohaska has run for the seat a number of times before - as well for the seat of Petrie for the UAP in 2013 (then known as the Palmer United Party) - but says he plans to run again in 2025.

You can watch the full interview here.

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