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ABC reporter slams Twitter users over comments about PM's visit to Hillcrest Primary School

"Five kids died and you make this about politics?"

An ABC journalist has slammed Twitter users over comments about Prime Minister Scott Morrison's visit to Devonport, where he laid flowers outside Hillcrest Primary School following the deaths of 5 children in a freak jumping castle tragedy.

Monte Bovill has been reporting from the scene since Thursday, and today posted an image of Morrison & wife Jenny laying flowers.

The tweet attracted dozens of replies, some of which claiming it was a "photo op" & others question why the media were there.

"There was no media opportunity, no political or campaign announcements in the north-west," Bovill tweeted.

"The media were already at the school. You are using this to fit your own narrative."

"Five kids died and you make this about politics?"

The PM had earlier made a scheduled trip to Hobart, announcing that the federal government will contribute $800,000 for counselling and mental health support for everyone affected by the tragedy.

Morrison told reports that there were "no words, only prayers, for our fellow Australians in Tasmania, and for the community that will carry this burden."

Yesterday, Tasmania Police released the names & ages of the 5 children who died in the accident, with parents' permission.

They are:

  • Addison Stewart (11)

  • Zane Mellor (12)

  • Jye Sheehan (12)

  • Jalailah Jayne-Maree Jones (12)

  • Peter Dodt (12)

Read more on the tragedy here.


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