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All the candidates no longer running in the NSW election

Multiple candidates from different parties have quit ahead of the March 25 election.

Ahead of the NSW election, several candidates from across the political spectrum have quit for various reasons.

This page, which will continue to update, keeps track of them.

Candidates are listed in alphabetical order by surname, while italics indicate a candidate that is running but has switched parties:






Khal Asfour

Legislative Council

Withdrew due to "vicious smear campaign" against him amid allegations he charged ratepayers for overseas trips (20 January 2023)


Shane Fitzsimmons


Was sought by the Berejiklian government to consider a run for parliament with 2 different seats as options, but said he did not want to enter into politics (February 1 2021)


Dave Gallagher

Broken Hill

Resigned from the party less than a week after being pre-selected because he said he did not have enough support from within the party to be a candidate (23 September 2022)

Liberal Democrats

​David Leyonhjelm

Legislative Council

​Resigned from the party's NSW executive after a "vote to reject my offer to run in second place on the Legislative Council ticket" at the election (October 9 2022)


Bradley Stanton


​Withdrew and deleted social media accounts; reasons unknown (18 January 2023)


​Francisco Valencia


Withdrew after alleged domestic violence incident (8 December 2022)


Caroline Yarnell


​Said she 'could not carry on' under circumstances that were not revealed and will use Labor's 'internal complaints procedure' (17 January 2023)

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