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All the Labor MPs calling for a JobSeeker rate increase

Calls to raise the rate have ramped up ahead of the federal budget.

Multiple Labor MPs have broken ranks and are now calling for a Jobseeker increase ahead of the federal budget which will be handed down by Jim Chalmers.

All federal ALP MPs calling on the rate to be raised are on the backbench, meaning they are not part of the Albanese ministry.

Some of these MPs have also formally signed an open letter from the Australian Council of Social Service directed to the Prime Minister.

The full list

Michelle Ananda-Rajah (signed open letter)

Josh Burns

Mary Doyle (signed open letter)

Cassandra Fernando

Mike Freelander

Carina Garland

Steve Georganas

Julian Hill

Peter Khalil (signed open letter)

Jerome Laxale

Louise Miller-Frost (signed open letter)

Daniel Mulino

Peta Murphy

Alicia Payne (signed open letter)

Dan Repacholi

Kate Thwaites (signed open letter)

Josh Wilson

Former Labor MPs who have signed the ACOSS open letter

Doug Cameron (Senator, 2008-2019)

Verity Firth (NSW MP, 2007-2011)

Chris Haviland (MP, 1993-1996)

Brian Howe (MP, 1977-1996; Deputy PM, 1991-1995)

Jenny Macklin (MP, 1996-2019; Deputy Labor leader, 2001-2006)

Robert Tickner (MP, 1984-1996)

Other MPs who have signed the ACOSS open letter

Bridget Archer (Liberal)

Kate Chaney (Independent)

Zoe Daniel (Independent)

Helen Haines (Independent)

Jacqui Lambie (Jacqui Lambie Network)

David Pocock (David Pocock)

Monique Ryan (Independent)

Kylea Tink (Independent)

Sophie Scamps (Independent)

Zali Steggall (Independent)

Allegra Spender (Independent)

Andrew Wilkie (Independent)

Other former MPs who have signed the ACOSS open letter

Fred Chaney (former Liberal minister, since left party)

Kathryn Greiner (former Liberal/Ind Liberal/Sydney Alliance alderman)

John Hewson (former Liberal leader)

Cathy McGowan (former Independent MP)

The Greens are also formally calling for the PM to raise the rate and their MPs have signed the open letter.

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