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ANALYSIS: Attacks comparing me to a Mussolini supporter may convince me to never make a joke again

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

The responses I've copped have been far from normal, and they aren't stopping.

I admit, sometimes I like to stir people on Twitter. Being a 14-year-old helps with that, especially when it comes to voting.

On Sunday night, following the ALP's campaign launch, I made what I thought was just a silly, innocent joke.

"I watched (Anthony Albanese)'s campaign launch speech today but I have to admit, it didn't convince me to vote ALP."

The joke, of course, being that I cannot legally vote.

I'd made a similar joke before, once about enrolling to vote, and another time about both Labor & the Liberals following the Sky News leaders' debate.

The initial responses, for the first minute or so, were people having a laugh & enjoying the joke.

I hoped, for a bit of a laugh, to have maybe 1 person take the bait, even just asking "why?" in the replies.

But it didn't even take an hour for the responses to turn personal, nasty, and downright disgusting.

Some of the worst worst of the replies was when people who, after being told the joke or even understanding it in the first place, called me biased (?), a rusted-on Liberal voter (??) and worthy of going for a Sky audition (???).

Then, right on cue, the conspiracies began - and comments comparing me to a Mussolini supporter.

(Click the arrows on the side of the image to see some of them):

I don't think I need to really explain how wrong these are, but I will.

Yes, the official pronunciation of 'Puglisi' is a lot more like 'Pull-yee-see' but it's just a simplified pronunciation. I've even addressed this before.

No, I'm not pro-Liberal.

Yes, I'm 14 years old.

This has all led to "He's 14" being at the top of the trending section on Twitter, because why not.

I'm honestly concerned about some of the comments 6 News will get after our exclusive interview with Anthony Albanese airs tomorrow. Not genuine feedback, but bizarre claims like we're "pro-Liberal" despite us grilling & fact-checking Scott Morrison.

Let me be clear: we gave the same amount of speaking time to both leaders, although Albanese spoke longer.

We never cut any of them off & only would if they cut us off in the first place, like with the PM.

I have the utmost respect for both the Prime Minister & Opposition Leader for actually speaking to us in the first place.

The latter also spoke to Roman Mackinnon & I after, where we joked about the footy. It was a politie interview, but we also made sure to ask tough questions.

It was not a biased interview, and you can see that for yourselves tomorrow.

I want criticism. It's the only way 6 News will improve.

But personal attacks, defamatory lies & constant patronising comments isn't criticism. It is abuse.

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