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Brutal executions in North Korea under Kim Jong-un's reign revealed

The report claims that one body was "burnt with a flamethrower" following execution.

A new report has exposed brutal executions in North Korea for watching banned videos, 10 years after Kim Jong-un came into power.

According to an investigation by the Transitional Justice Working Group (TJWG), prisoners have been killed and their corpses desecrated while family members are forced to watch - not for committing crimes like murder or rape, but for watching media that is banned in the country.

The TJWG says there have been total of 23 public executions since Kim became the North Korean leader in December 2011 - 2 were hangings & 21 faced the firing squad - but the group believes the actual number is much higher.

According to Sky News, the report also detailed one execution in the country’s capital - Pyongyang - in either 2012 or 2013, which claimed that "the executed body was burnt with a flamethrower in front of a crowd following execution."

"The family of the accused was forced to attend the execution and sit in the front row to observe the scene."

"The father fainted after watching his son burn in front of his eyes."

Under Kim Jong-un's reign, a large number of weapons tests have been conducted - but a relationship also formed with now-former US President Donald Trump.

Watch our full report here.


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