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Did Dan Andrews call unvaccinated people 'a bunch of n*****s'?

The claim may have originated as satire, but plenty of people are taking it seriously.

A screenshot purporting to be of a 7NEWS article claims that Victorian Premier Dan Andrews called unvaccinated people "a bunch of n*****s" and said they "should drink from separate water fountains," referencing segregated "Whites Only" and "Coloured Only" fountains seen decades ago in the United States.

The supposed article then goes onto claim Andrews spat on the ground & vowed to "hunt them all down."

Of course, that's completely false.

Not only is there nothing on the 7NEWS website - or in any media - of what was claimed to be said, no major news outlet publishes swear words or slurs without censorship.

The post's origins are unknown, but one tweet today received several hundred likes & retweets, with many in the comments believing the claims were true.

The account that spread the claim has now been suspended by Twitter.

6 News understands the fake article likely originated as satire, but people are undoubtedly believing it's real - hence why we've produced this article.


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