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Did more people vote Liberal than any other party at this year's federal election?

The claim was made by Peta Credlin, something Senator Jane Hume said was "exactly right."

Sky News host Peta Credlin has claimed that more people voted for the Liberal Party than any other party at this year's federal election - but is that true?

The claim was made during an interview with Liberal Senator Jane Hume, where they were discussing women within the Liberal Party.

It's worth noting they were specifically discussing the Liberals, not the Coalition as a whole.

"We know that more people vote Liberal than any other party," Senator Hume said.

Agreeing, Ms Credlin said that the claim "is true...even on the last results."

"Exactly right," Hume replied.

But that may not actually be correct.

According to the AEC, the Liberals had 3,502,713 votes in the House of Representatives, compared to Labor's 4,776,030 - obviously a difference of more than a million.

But let's look at some additional context.

The other parties within the Coalition - the LNP, Nationals & Country Liberal Party - had 1,172,515, 528,442 & 29,664 votes respectively.

This gives the Coalition a total of 5,233,334 - higher than what Labor had.

If we remove The Nationals & the Country Liberal Party, the total for both the Liberals & the LNP (where 15 out of 21 MPs sit with the Liberals) is 4,675,228 - just shy of Labor's total.

When we look at the Senate, it gets a little more complicated.

In Victoria & NSW, the Liberals & Nationals run on a joint ticket.

In Western Australia, Tasmania & the ACT, The Nationals did not run.

In South Australia, the Liberals and Nationals run separately.

And in Queensland & the NT, neither parties run - instead, the LNP & the CLP do.

So what were the national senate results for the Liberals?

When combining the joint ticket (2,997,004) and the Liberals solely (1,052,571), you get a total of 4,049,575.

Chuck in the LNP vote, and the total becomes 5,111,213 - higher than the Labor total of 4,525,598.

However, government is formed by the House of Representatives results - so we'll base our conclusion on that.

The conclusion being? Well, it's not clear cut.

But what is clear is that - taking Senator Hume's words exactly - it is incorrect to say most people voted Liberal than "any other party" at the federal election.


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