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Did Scott Morrison delete a tweet using an old photo of him cooking curry?

It’s not the first time the PM has been criticised for his skills in the kitchen.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been accused of deleting a “fake pic” of his cooking curry, after it was revealed that is was an image he’d posted before.

The claim was posted on Twitter by user Jane Alcorn this morning, but has reportedly also been circulated by other users.

Alcorn’s tweet, which has almost 3,000 likes as of publication, claimed that “the recent “curry pic” of Morrison (the one distributed after the COP26 trip) was a recycled old pic.”

"It’s been removed from Twitter.”

However, there’s no evidence Morrison ever deleted - or even posted - the picture.

This is the image, showing him cooking curry while wishing everyone a “Happy Diwali.”

The image was posted to Facebook & Instagram, and is still available on those platforms.

But using the resources of Twitter account ‘DeletedByAusMPs,' which automatically posts anything deleted by an politician, it’s clear that Morrison & his team NEVER tweeted the image.

Others on social media have suggested it was an image from August, but the PM had a different apron on & was wearing a hat.

Until we see any evidence it's a "fake pic," we're rating this claim as FALSE.

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