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Did the AMA say there was a vaccine shortage in Australia?

The claim has received hundreds of retweets & more than a thousand likes.

A tweet made by user 'EcuNurse' has claimed that the Australian Medical Association (AMA) says there is a shortage of COVID-19 vaccines & people to administer them.

"AMA says bringing booster eligibility forward to three months won’t make a difference as there is a shortage of vaccines and people to administer them," the user tweeted.

But is that true?


According to a transcript on the AMA's website, this is what President Dr Omar Khorshid actually said:

"Now, we're going to hear from the states more and more about the need to bring boosters forwards, and the AMA would generally be supportive of that..."

"...but the reality is we just can't get more boosters into arms, because we don't have the capacity through state run vaccination centres, GPs, and pharmacists to actually deliver more boosters than are being done at the moment."

"So, setting a date of three months will have no significant impact over the current target of five months. And therefore, our message to the states is focus on what you can do."

A report from the ABC also confirms what Dr Khorshid said.

Previous reports also indicated potential issues with people administrating jabs, but not general supply shortages.

The user who published the original tweet has now issued a correction, but says they "don't think (it's) necessary" to delete it.

The timeframe between a second vaccine dose & a booster for adults has now been updated from 6 months to 5 in Australia, while other countries have made that timeframe ever shorter.


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