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Did the Daily Telegraph tell readers to 'Kick This Rat Out' after Morrison called the election?

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

News Corp's endorsements in recent years have caused controversy amongst some.

An image supposedly showing the front page of today's Daily Telegraph has gone viral, with the paper declaring that "Finally, you now have the chance to KICK THIS RAT OUT"

But it's a fake.

The image appears to either be a parody or deliberate disinformation - using a real front page from 2013 & photoshopping Scott Morrison's head onto Kevin Rudd's body.

The word "Mob" was changed to "Rat," and the line "It's On: September 7 Election" was replaced with similar wording but "May 21" instead.

The fonts of the changed words & phrases are also different to the original image.

Kevin Rudd's right hand is also not included in the photoshop for unknown reasons.

It is possible the image originated as satire, but a significant amount of people have believed it is real or are asking whether it is.


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