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Do any of the Aston by-election candidate actually live in the electorate?

6 candidates have been announced for the by-election on April 1.

At least 6 candidates will contest the by-election in ex-minister Alan Tudge's seat of Aston next month, with more set to follow.

Labor, the Liberals, the Greens, the Fusion Party and two independent candidates affiliated with different parties have all put their hands up.

Nine has reported One Nation will run, though no candidate has yet been announced. Other minor parties may also contest.

But out of the candidates announced, only 1 actually lives within the electorate.

Liberal candidate Roshena Campbell is a City of Melbourne councillor for Team Sally Capp. She currently lives in Brunswick, but has vowed to relocate to the seat.

Labor's Mary Doyle lives closer, telling media she only lives 10 minutes outside of the electorate.

"My opponent says she’ll move to our community from Brunswick if she wins. I have lived here for more than 35 years," she added.


Greens candidate Angelica Di Camillo lives in Rowville, which is in Aston.

Libertarian Independent Maya Tesa, a member of the unregistered Liberal Democrats, told 6 News she currently is based in Eltham. Some of the suburb is part of the seat of Menzies, while the rest is in Jagajaga.

At the 2022 Victorian election, she ran in the nearby upper house North-Eastern Metropolitan Region.

The Fusion Party's Owen Miller has also confirmed to 6 News that, like Campbell, he lives in Brunswick.

As it stands, the only other candidate who currently lives in the seat is independent Mark Gardner. According to the website of The Conservative Party, an unregistered party formed last year that is endorsing him, he lives in Wantirna.

Aston will head to the polls on April 1.

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