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Earpiecegate? Viral Twitter conspiracy theory about leaders debate leaves out basic facts

It's not the first time a claim on Twitter has ignored key details.

We're not usually big on "both-siding" issues, but this is one where it might be worth mentioning.

A viral Twitter conspiracy theory has claimed that Scott Morrison was wearing an earpiece during last night's leaders debate aired on Channel 9, fuelling beliefs that the debate was "rigged" in his favour.

And while yes, he was wearing one - Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese was too.

However, the viral claims have ignored that fact - claiming only the PM had one.

While there are several possibilities for why an earpiece was worn by both leaders, the most likely reason is that it is for producers to talk to them and, for example, tell them when the network would be heading to a break.

Another possibility is it allowed them to hear the questions more clearly.

Regardless, it's not a conspiracy - and not evidence of a "rigged" debate.

We also note there were several mentions of Albanese's earpiece but not Morrison's - however, the theory that was shared the most was it being "rigged" in the PM's favour.


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