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Everything we know about the jumping castle tragedy at Hillcrest Primary School in Devonport

A non-stop stream of flowers, cards & teddies continues to be seen outside the school.

It all happened on a Thursday - the last day of school for the year for students at Hillcrest Primary.

Close to 40 students in both Years 5 & 6 were taking part in end-of-year activities when a significant wind event reportedly caused a jumping castle to lift into the air, seeing some children falling from heights of 10 meters.

Locals from the Devonport community in north-west Tasmania have continued to lay flowers, cards & teddy bears outside the school.

Georgie Gardam, the mother of Zane Mellor, held her son's school uniform & a PlayStation controller as she told reporters she was there to "see what everyone had done."

"I really appreciate it so much but nothing brings my baby home."

On Saturday, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that the Federal Government will contribute $800,000 in mental health support to everyone affected, before laying flowers with his wife, Jenny.

More than $1 million has been raised for the families of the victims through a GoFundMe, with over 14,000 Aussies donating to help with with bills & funeral costs just a week out from Christmas. Over the weekend, the names of the victims were released with families' permission:

  • Addison Stewart (11)

  • Chace Harrison (11)

  • Zane Mellor (12)

  • Jye Sheehan (12)

  • Jalailah Jayne-Maree Jones (12)

  • Peter Dodt (12)

Watch our full report here.


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