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Ex-UAP candidate Jamal Daoud says he's "in the process of suing" the party which "has no structure"

Daoud run unsuccessfully for the NSW seat of Reid at the May federal election.

Jamal Daoud, a former candidate for the United Australia Party, has revealed on social media that "we are in the process of suing (the party)," as part of a bid to "demand (they) repay us thousands of dollars."

Daoud ran in the NSW seat of Reid in the May federal election, picking up 2.6% of the vote.

Labor's Sally Sitou ended up defeating Liberal Fiona Martin to win the seat.

In addition, Charles Jago ran for The Greens, Edward Walters ran for One Nation, Andrew Cameron ran for the Liberal Democrats, Sahar Khalili-Naghadeh ran for FUSION, & Natalie Baini ran as an independent.

In a paid Facebook post, Daoud made the following call-out:

"If you ran as (a) candidate in the last 2022 federal election and were enforced to spend money on the campaign material because of the party's mismanagement, you can contact us. We may be able to initiate a class action."

Daoud has also been openly critical of the party online following the election, saying the UAP has "no structure."

A screenshot of his Facebook post has been shared across social media today.

6 News independently contacted Daoud, who confirmed the post was authentic.

The UAP picked up a single seat this election, with Ralph Babet elected as a Victorian Senator.

Leader Craig Kelly, who was re-elected in 2019 as a Liberal but became an independent before joining the UAP, lost his seat of Hughes.

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