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Fox News leaves out details about Australia's COVID situation amid Novak Djokovic saga

Australia is back on the global stage - and misinformation is too.

Amid all the drama surrounding tennis star Novak Djokovic & his vaccine status, some news anchors & opinion hosts here at home & overseas have been commenting on the general COVID-19 situation here in Australia.

On Fox News’ ‘The Five,’ hosts discussed the world number 1’s situation & also played a clip from NT Chief Minister Michael Gunner's press conference, where he announced a lockout for the unvaccinated.

Note the lower third they used:


That’s leaving out the fact that, unlike some strong suggestions we’ve seen on social media, a total lockdown for unvaccinated people has NOT come into effect nationwide.

Those 'harsh restrictions' only apply in the NT - and while there are restrictions on unvaccinated people in several other states & territories, they’re nowhere near the levels of the territory - nor do they apply everywhere.

Another host, Martha MacCallum, also added a comment about the "President of Australia."

Of course, we have a Prime Minister - Scott Morrison - who is not responsible for these lockdowns, with that left up to the leaders in each state & territory.

This isn’t exactly new - in August, when Victoria, NSW & the ACT where in lockdown - we reported on misleading claims about the so-called ‘Australia Lockdown’ which technically didn’t exist - given it was not a national lockdown.

Around that time, another Fox News host - Tucker Carlson spoke about "the government implementing total lockdowns nationwide," which excluded all the states & territories not under restrictions at the time.

So, let’s quickly go over the basics once again:

  • Australia is not in lockdown

  • The ‘lockout’ for unvaccinated people applies in only one territory

  • The Federal Government is not implementing these restrictions

  • And there’s no President of Australia

Watch our full report here.

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