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From 'The Teals' to 'Lime': All 35 names the Fusion Party might be changing to

The party most recently tried to get registered for the 2022 Victorian state election.

The Fusion Party - officially FUSION: Science, Pirate, Secular, Climate Emergency - has revealed they're considering a name change.

Fusion was formed out of a merger of the Science Party, Pirate Party, Secular Party, Vote Planet, and Climate Change Justice Party and first contested the May federal election.

They attempted to get registered for the November state election in Victoria, but were unsuccessful and opted to endorse several independent candidates instead.

On their public Discord, the party linked a list of 35 different names that they're asking people to vote from, including about how well the name would be understood by the general voting public.

Some are simply, like 'Fusion' - while they may have issues with others.

For example, one of the options is 'Democracy and Labour Party' - and the Democratic Labour Party may object to that. Similarly, the Australian Democrats could object to 'Australian Democracy Party'.

It's also unclear how so-called 'teal independent' MPs would feel about the name 'The Teals' being used.

Here's the full list:

  • The AEGIS Party

  • The Agile Party

  • The Australia Party

  • The Australia Vision Party

  • Australian Democracy Party

  • Australian Freedom League

  • Australian Fusion League

  • Connect or Connection Party

  • Democracy and Labour Party

  • Environment & Science Party (ESP)

  • Equilib

  • Evidence-Based Policy

  • Evocratic Party

  • Fusion

  • Future

  • Good Future Australia

  • Humanity Party

  • Innovation Paradise

  • Innovation Party

  • Intergenerational Equity Party

  • Lime

  • The New Progressive Movement

  • One but Many, we are Australian

  • Progress Party

  • Progressive Alliance

  • Rational

  • The Rational Alliance

  • The Rational Collective

  • The Real Alternative

  • The Realignment Party

  • Science Party

  • Science and Engineering Technology Party

  • The Secular Science Party

  • The Teals

  • Third Way

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