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FULL INTERVIEW: Bob Katter says Scott Morrison often says things "without thinking"

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

The Independent MP reacted to the PM's comments made on 6 News.

Bob Katter, the Member for Kennedy, has told 6 News that while he wouldn't call Scott Morrison a liar, he believes the PM often says things "without thinking."

The Independent MP recently made headlines after calling for teenagers to be armed with rifles, something he says was "touched off" by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

"If (Russia) takes the Ukraine in the next couple of months, it's highly probable that China will take Taiwan."

Katter slammed "pathetically weak leaders in what used to be called the West," and said that if Winston Churchill was the UK PM in 1938, World War 2 would not have happened.

During the in-depth interview, he was also asked about whether he believed Scott Morrison was a liar, following the PM's interview with 6 News last week.

"I would never call Scott a liar...but he says things on many occasions without thinking, and you can't do that."

"You must think before you say something."

Katter was also asked about whether independent & minor party MPs such as him could hold the balance of power in the event of a hung parliament.

You can see the full interview on Uncensored here.

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