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Greens senator David Shoebridge on the right to protest in Australia

Shoebridge was arrested in 2019 during a climate protest.

Greens senator David Shoebridge has spoken to 6 News Australia's Stuart Jeffery and Leo Puglisi about the right to protest in Australia.

Shoebridge, who was a NSW Greens MP before being elected to the Senate in 2022, was arrested back in 2019 over a climate protest.

Ahead of Saturday's NSW election, the party has unveiled plans for legislative changes that they will "unravel the state's anti-protest regime and protect the important right to protest in NSW."

The party has cited the case of Deanna 'Violet' Coco, who's 15-month jail sentence was recently quashed on appeal, and sentenced to 15 months prison time for protesting on the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Cherish Kuehlmann, who wass "arrested in the middle of the night for protesting rising costs of living, and Susie Russell who was "singled out, charged and placed on restrictive bail conditions for being in a public forest area last month."

Watch the full program here, or listen on Spotify here and on Apple Podcasts here.


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