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Harrison Mclean to run as a UAP candidate in the Federal Election - but not according to him

The 2022 Federal Election is set to be held in either March or May.

A viral image spreading online has claimed that Harrison Mclean will be running as a candidate for the United Australia Party in the seat of La Trobe at the upcoming federal election.

Mclean has been described as a "chief architect" of some of the protests held in Melbourne last year - with the Daily Mail reporting that "the Monash University IT graduate runs the 'Melbourne Freedom Rally' group on encrypted messaging app Telegram used to mobilise anti-vax protesters."

"Mclean, who also posts as 'Dominic D', used the channel, boasting more than 13,000 members, to promote and organise rallies against lockdowns and Covid vaccine mandates."

La Trobe, a seat in Melbourne, is currently held by Liberal Jason Wood.

But is he running for the UAP as "the voice of the people"?


Our source?

The man himself.

Replying to multiple accounts on Twitter, Mclean said that he is "not a UAP candidate and this viral graphic is fake."

"Please keep it up and continue to look gullible for everyone to see that you don't check sources and will regurgitate anything you see."

There is no indication that the account replying is itself a fake account, with it even being linked on Mclean's website.

It's unclear where the viral graphic originated.

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