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Has the Disney CEO been arrested for human trafficking? Claim goes viral but evidence is lacking

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Like many conspiracy theories, the claim does have some truth backing it up.

CLAIM: Disney CEO Bob Chapek was arrested for human trafficking, and no mainstream media outlets are covering the story.

The claim appears to have originated from a Twitter account - @Michael_PSenger - who has over 3 thousand followers.

Michael P. Senger is a lawyer, and his previous account was reportedly suspended for 'spreading COVID-19 misinformation.' We'll get back to the account itself shortly - but let's look at the claim.

"The CEO of Disney was arrested, and not one MSM outlet is reporting on it!," the original tweet reads.

Senger lists the 'Vancouver Times' as his source, linking to an article with the headline 'CEO of Disney arrested for human trafficking'

That, of course, is false.

The Vancouver Times describes itself as the following:

"Vancouver Times is the most trusted source for satire on the West Coast. We write satirical stories about issues that affect conservatives."

So, the only "source" is a satirical news website.

There is some truth to the claim - 4 Disney employees and a former US judge were among 108 arrested in a police operation targeting alleged child sexual predators, traffickers and prostitution in Florida.

The Disney CEO, however, is not one of those employees.

As we mentioned, the account making this claim - @Michael_PSenger - claims "Twitter censored my previous account speaking truth about Covid."

But we have seen dozens of claims that the account is impersonating the real Senger - and while 6 News cannot independently verify that, there is some indication that the account is a disinformation account.

In addition to being created this month, @Michael_PSenger has ignored all people who have pointed out his "source" is a satirical website, hiding several replies mentioning this, and even blocking our very own Leonardo Puglisi.

(UPDATE ON MARCH 23: Michael P. Senger has spoken to 6 News to confirm that the account was not him).

CONCLUSION: Disney's CEO was not arrested for human trafficking - however, 4 Disney employees were.

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