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Have the Liberals done a preference deal with the United Australia Party?

The claim has received more than 1 thousands likes on Twitter.

In Australian elections - both state & federal - how-to-vote cards are handed out by candidates & supporters of practically all parties.

Often, preference deals are done between political parties so that they favour each other - it generally links parties on similar ends of the political spectrum, like Labor & the Greens.

However, with United Australia Party - led by former Liberal MP Craig Kelly - has recently been heavily criticising the Federal Government, with some of its supporters against any deal with either major party.

On Sunday night, Twitter user 'DerekRobinson2' posted a screenshot of an article from the Guardian, reporting that the Liberals have "agreed to exchange preferences with Clive Palmer in a deal nutted out by party figures on Wednesday night."

And while that's true, it's also heavily misleading.

The article was published in April 2019, just under a month from the Federal Election.

The UAP has been running ads for months, including its now infamous "Australia's not gonna cop it" slogan.

One key hint that the article was old was the mention of Clive Palmer - who was the party's leader at the time, but is now the chairman.

Preference deals would almost certainly be done with Kelly in 2019.

Several Twitter users have called this out, including journalist Cameron Wilson.

No preference deals have officially been done with the UAP & the LNP ahead of next year's Federal Election.

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