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Hughes candidate Georgia Steele responds to allegations she's a 'fake independent'

Updated: May 17, 2022

Ms Steele is taking on UAP leader Craig Kelly for the NSW seat.

In this election, we are constantly hearing about the teal independents.

One of these independents is Georgia Steele, running for the seat of Hughes, which is currently held by controversial MP & UAP leader Craig Kelly - a seat which he has held for over a decade.

"Hughes is traditionally a safe conservative Liberal seat and because it is a safe conservative seat it has been ignored and taken for granted by the Liberal for decades," Steele told 6 News

As we have heard before, the 'Climate 200 independents' are running in seats held mainly by Coalition MPs, which does beg the question: “How independent are these independents?”

Climate 200 backs around 20 independents running for the federal parliament.

They all have very similar priorities as well - climate, economy and integrity - so for some, it isn't hard to see why people may think that Climate 200 is a political party or even aligned with one.

Georgia Steele was one of many candidates who had fake posters featuring her image and The Greens' logo printed up, in what some described as a mass attack.

And with the possible chance of a hung parliament this election, independents will play a huge role in deciding who will lead the country.

When asked by 6 News if she has ever been a member of a political party, Ms Steele said she has "never been a staffer, I have never even handed out how to vote cards for a political party, I am new to politics."

Ms Steele also told 6 News that she is a swinging voter, but has never voted for Craig Kelly.

You can watch the full report here.

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