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IN MEMORIAM: All the political parties that were deregistered this year

A total of 17 parties lost registration with the Australian Electoral Commission in 2022.

More than a dozen political parties have been deregistered by the Australian Electoral Commission this year - some losing registration right after the federal election, while others voluntarily deregistered.

  • Secular Party of Australia (deregistered 11 January)

  • Australia First Party (deregistered 12 January)

  • Independents CAN (deregistered 12 January)

  • Love Australia or Leave (deregistered 12 January)

  • Science Party (deregistered 12 January)

  • Australian Affordable Housing Party (deregistered 23 February)

  • No5G Party (deregistered 23 February)

  • Socialist Equality Party (deregistered 23 February)

  • Democratic Labour Party (deregistered 4 March)

  • Christian Democratic Party (deregistered 17 March)

  • VOTEFLUX.ORG | Upgrade Democracy! (deregistered 24 March)

  • Health Australia Party (deregistered 5 April)

  • Seniors United Party (deregistered 29 June)

  • Liberal Democrats (deregistered 19 July)

  • United Australia Party (deregistered 8 September)

  • Australian Progressives (deregistered 12 October)

  • Rex Patrick Team (deregistered 24 October)

Not all the deregistered parties are necessarily "dead" parties.

The United Australia Party has a sitting senator in Ralph Babet, while both the DLP and LDP have MPs in the Victorian Legislative Council - Adem Somyurek & David Limbrick respectively.

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