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Labor says they've been in government for 100 days - here's why they're wrong

It's a small technicality, but an important one.

Today marks 100 days since the federal election on May 21, where Labor defeated the Coalition in a victory that saw them pick up 77 seats.

Since that day, we've seen parliament return, bills pass the lower house & new leaders for several parties.

But Anthony Albanese was not sworn in on election night - he was sworn in 2 days later on May 23.

That's when the Albanese government was officially born.

Despite this, an email from Labor said today was '100 days of Labor government.'

Twitter got it wrong too - as did several in the media & on social media.

Even a bot called "How Long Has Albo Been PM?" managed to get the numbers wrong.

Nationals deputy leader Perin Davey also wrongly claimed today was the "100th day of Albanese Albanese as Prime Minister."

Wednesday is the correct day to mark 100 days of a Labor government.

Currently, a big focus for the government is on stage three tax cuts, which some believe will disproportionately affect the wealthiest earners.

The Greens, Jacqui Lambie Network & David Pocock have all urged the government to reconsider them, but Albanese today said at the National Press Club that they will 'stand by' the cuts.

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