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Liberals suffer large swing against them in by-election but hang on in Bragg

Only a few months ago, the seat was considered very safe for the Liberals.

The Liberals appear to have held onto the South Australian state seat of Bragg in a by-election, despite a significant swing away from them.

Bragg was held by ex-Deputy Premier Vickie Chapman until she resigned in April, triggering a by-election.

Just a month earlier, she had retained the seat at the March state election - previously considered a very safe Liberal seat with a 16.9 percent margin - which was reduced to 8.2 percent.

Late last night, the two-party-preferred count showed a difference between Labor & the Liberals of just 0.9 percent, although that's likely to rise as postal votes are counted.

Liberals candidate Jack Batty currently sits at 45% of the primary vote - that's a swing of 8.7% away from the party.

Labor's Alice Rolls is at 31.9%, The Greens' Jim Bastiras is next on 17.8%, Family First's Daryl McCann is on 2.5%, the Liberal Democrats' James Hol is at 1.9% & independent Neil Aitchison has just under 1% of the total vote - sitting at 0.9 percent.

No independent ran for Bragg in March & the Liberal Democrats did not field a candidate either.

Daryl McCann is the only candidate to contest both the seat in March & at the by-election.

Labor currently has 27 seats in the lower house while the Liberals have 16, in addition to 4 independents.

In the upper house, there are 9 Labor MLCs, 6 Liberals, 2 Greens, 2 from SA-BEST & 1 from One Nation.

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