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Man announced as candidate for 2 different parties in 2 different seats pulls out of Vic election

The Freedom Party has denied they're in an alliance with the Australian Federation Party, but 3 candidates appear to have changed parties.

A Victorian election candidate who appeared to have been announced as running for 2 different parties in 2 different seats at the same time has pulled out of the race.

Earlier today, questions were raised by 6 News after both the Freedom Party of Victoria & the Australian Federation Party appeared to both be endorsing Henk Wallenborn.

Wallenborn announced in September he'd be running for the AFP in the Northern Victoria Region (in the upper house), while Freedom Party leader Morgan C Jonas said on October 7 that Wallenborn would be running for them in Mildura (in the lower house).

He did not immediately respond to 6 News when asked who he was currently running for.

But around 7pm AEDT tonight, Wallenborn said on his page - The Rural Rebel - that he was withdrawing as a candidate for the Northern Victoria (the seat he was announced as an AFP candidate in) after the Australian Federation Party "join(ed) forces with Freedom Party of Victoria."

He encouraged people to vote for a Freedom Party candidate in the seat and wished the party "all the best" for next month's state election.

When contacted by 6 News before the withdrawal announcement, the Freedom Party denied they were in an alliance with the Australian Federation Party & said their members and supporters were instead "coming across" to Freedom.

He has since renamed his page & removed the profile picture.

But Wallenborn doesn't appear to be the only election candidate linked to both the Australian Federation Party & the Freedom Party.

Damien Richardson was announced as an AFP candidate for the Northern Metropolitan Region, but joined Freedom over the weekend.

And Eastern Victoria candidate Greg Hansford (called Greg "Hanson" by Freedom leader Morgan C Jonas in a video announcement) today updated his Facebook page.

An Australian Federation Party graphic from September showed 5 upper house candidates announced (plus chairman Christopher Neil) - 3 are now gone, and only Ray Akers in Eastern Victoria & Cameron Blewitt in the North-East Metropolitan Region remain.

The party is not yet registered with the Victorian Electoral Commission.

As of Monday night, 20 parties were registered while 9 still had applications being processed.

The Freedom Party was set up earlier this year by Jonas - an anti-lockdown activist who ran as an independent senate candidate at the 2022 federal election - and former Queensland MP Aidan McLindon.

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