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Man taken to hospital after explosion destroys stores in Canberra

Footage of the moment it happened has now been released.

CCTV has captured a large explosion in Canberra that damaged a number of buildings and sent one man to hospital.

At around 7:30pm AEDT on Monday night, ACT emergency services were called to a structural fire at Turkish Kebab and Pizza on Rae Street, Belconnen.

Firefighters quickly contained the blaze, with a large exclusion zone being set up while fire crews worked to secure leaking gas.

Footage from a security camera has shown the moment the explosion set off, covering nearby buildings with debris and just missing bystanders in the car park.

A crime scene has since been set up & police are investigating.

ACT Policing Detective Acting Inspector Emily McCallum told reporters that it is a "very well-used area."

"There are a lot of local takeaway places, service stations, things like that."


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