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Meet James Bond: Ungrouped Victorian senate candidate that wants to "vote out the boomers"

Bond was one of two senate candidates getting attention for their name.

A lot of attention was on a particular senate candidate this election - Max Dicks.

Dicks was running as an ungrouped senate candidate in Victoria - but he wasn't the only one in that condition with a unique name.

Another ungrouped candidate was James Bond - who campaigned on the slogan "vote out the boomers".

Unlike candidates running as part of a party or ones as part of an unnamed group, ungrouped candidates can only be voted for below the line.

In addition, they are usually all independents, with some exceptions - such as Raj Rajwin, who ran in the NT for the United Australia Party this year but did not have a running mate.

Glenn Floyd, Allen Ridgeway, Neal Smith, Bernardine Atkinson, Paul Ross, Nat De Francesco, Joseph Toscano, Tara Tran, David John Dillon & Geraldine Marie Antoinette Gonsalvez also all ran as ungrouped Victorian independents.

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