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Melbourne's 6th lockdown officially ends - but heavy restrictions remain in place

Chief Anchor Leonardo Puglisi explains what you can & can't do in Melbourne now.

After months of lockdown & the most amount of days spent under lockdown in the world - finally, some relief.

From 11:59pm AEDT last night, the curfew and the 15-kilometre travel radius was lifted in Metro Melbourne, signifying the end of lockdown - but, there are still many restrictions in place.

"If you can work from home, you must," is the message from authorities

Authorised workers have to have at least 1 vaccine dose to work on site, large-scale construction sites can increase to 100% capacity if all workers are fully vaccinated & up to 10 people per day will be able to visit homes.

The staggered return of Years 3-11 has been brought forward to today, and childcare will be open to kids who are already attending & those whose parents are fully vaccinated.

Outdoor cafes, cinemas and most other outdoor venues can open with 50 people per venue, along with density limits and only for those who are double dosed.

Restaurants and other indoor settings can reopen with a maximum 20 people indoors - density limits also applying & only for the fully vaccinated, including workers.

However, retail will only open when 80% of Victorians aged over 16 have both jabs - expected in just over a week.

Masks are still required right across the state as well.

In Regional Victoria, outdoor venues increase from 20 to up to 100 people per venue - also if everyone is fully vaccinated.

Check the Victorian Government website for more information.

Are you in Melbourne? Let us know how you celebrated the end of lockdown by sending us a message on social media OR emailing - your first name may be used on-air.

(Originally aired here October 21 2021)


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