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Moderna PAUSED in 3 countries for younger age groups as rollout ramps up in Australia

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Chief Anchor Leonardo Puglisi & Reporter Mali Hawke have the latest developments on COVID-19 vaccination rates.

West Australians have been urged to get vaccinated by federal authorities.

Health Minister Greg Hunt says that the message for people in the state is clear: “please do not wait, do not hesitate.”

Currently in the state, the level of people who’ve had one dose is around 70% and the level of fully vaccinated people is just over 50% - that is the lowest in the country.

Nationally, jab rates are continuing to steadily rise - NSW has passed 70% fully vaccinated - the number needed for reopening in the state.

However, Tasmanian Premier Peter Gutwein recently said his state needs 90% vaccination coverage before it reopens to the mainland.

On a global level, Portugal is leading the way - 85% of the population fully vaccinated in 9 months.

Australia has climbed up the charts after a slow start, now around the same as Hungary & Greece & even approaching the same amount of fully vaccinated people as the US.

But in Europe, both Sweden & Denmark have paused Moderna’s COVID-19 jab for younger age groups as a precautionary measure...instead focusing on other vaccines like one made by Pfizer.

The US FDA says it stands by Moderna's jab.

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