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Moira Deeming declares herself an Independent Liberal MP after being suspended from party

The Victorian MP avoided expulsion last month.

Moira Deeming has declared herself an Independent Liberal MP just over two weeks after she was suspended from the party's Victorian branch.

Opposition leader John Pesutto had initially attempted to expel Deeming after she attended a 'Let Women Speak' rally in Melbourne where a group performing Nazi salutes clashed with pro-trans protesters.

Late last month, Deeming was suspended from the party for 9 months.

Now, social media users have noticed she had changed her social media bio and declared herself an 'Independent Liberal MP,' using the colour purple in branding.

The Victorian Parliament website has also now started using the label for her.

The 'Independent Liberal' label is not unheard of in politics. It was more popular with MPs and election candidates last century, and in 2018 the Electoral Act was changed in South Australia so independent candidates could not use the name of a registered political party without written consent. Ex-Liberal MP Duncan McFetridge had attempted to run as an Independent Liberal.

Currently, ex-Tasmanian Labor leader David O'Byrne is considered an Independent Labor MP.

It's unclear when exactly Ms Deeming made the change though it appears to have happened sometime in the past 24 hours.

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