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More minor parties apply for registration in Victoria ahead of November state election

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

The VEC deadline is July 29.

More minor parties have today applied for registration ahead of the November election in Victoria, just one day out from the state Electoral Commission's deadline.

Today, Legalise Cannabis & Family Matters Australia had applications for registration received by the VEC.

In addition, the Health Australia Party has applied to change their name to The Coalition For Freedom Prosperity Health.

These parties have also applied for registration:

  • Companion and Pets Party

  • Family First Victoria

  • Family First Victoria

  • Freedom Party of Victoria

  • United Australia Party

The Australian Federation Party, Australian Democrats, Australian Values Party & Independence Party are also trying to run but have not yet had applications received by the VEC.

The Victorians Party, a new party, is actually registered.

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