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Movie could be made about 'preference whisperer' Glenn Druery

Druery was most recently involved in preference deals at the 2022 Victorian state election.

He's known as the 'preference whisperer' of Australian politics, and for the first time, Glenn Druery may be featured on the silver screen.

Druery is infamous for the preference deals he organised in state and federal upper houses that use group voting tickets, where minor parties have been elected with a small percent of the vote. Independent Daylight Saving MP Wilson Tucker is one example, being elected to the WA upper house in 2021 with just 98 primary votes (or 0.18% of the vote in the Mining and Pastoral Region).

Only days ago, a 45-minute YouTube video titled 'Druery: Riding the Preferential Slipstream' was released by a channel called 'dugglez'. In it, Druery is interviewed and talks about his childhood, life and career.

Following this, speculation has grown about the possibility of a movie or mini-series being produced about Druery.

It's unclear what production company is involved or what platform it could be released on.

Meanwhile, one of the parties Druery has organised preferences for has disbanded.

The Transport Matters Party was formed in 2018, and Rod Barton was elected to the Eastern Metropolitan Region that same year with just 0.62% of the vote. He was not re-elected last year.

In a statement released on June 23, Barton said "it is with much sadness and regret that I have made the difficult decision to shut down the Transport Matters Party".

"While the recent membership drive would have achieved numbers to re register the party with the Victorian Electoral Commission, we are not going to achieve sufficient numbers in my view, to be successful."

Following electoral reform in WA, Victoria stands as the only jurisdiction where preferences can be controlled by the party if voters choose to vote above the line on the ballot paper. The next state election will be in 2026.

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