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Nationals MP Andrew Gee quits - here's what the Coalition's parliamentary numbers look like now

The move was sparked by the party's opposition to the Voice.

Federal MP Andrew Gee has announced he's quit the Nationals, citing their opposition to an Indigenous Voice to Parliament as the reason.

Gee, who represents the seat of Calare, said in a statemenet that the Voice opposition - as well as the recent NSW floods - "brought home to me the importance of being able to stand up and be counted."

"I can’t reconcile the fact that every Australian will get a free vote on the vitally important issue of the Voice, yet National Party MPs are expected to fall into line behind a party position that I fundamentally disagree with, and vote accordingly in Parliament."

"While I respect the views of my colleagues, this just isn’t right."

When David Littleproud announced that the Nationals would be the first major party to oppose the Voice, the WA Nationals, NSW Nationals & Gee all came out in support of it.


This brings the National's parliamentary numbers in the House of Representatives down to 9, and the Coalition's down to 57.

The crossbench also expands, with the amount of independents brought up to 11.

Gee is the first federal MP to leave their party since the May federal election.

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