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Northern Bullants fail to score a single goal as they go down by 157 points in the VFL

The club has played without affiliation with an AFL side since 2021.

The Northern Bullants have been utterly demolished in the Victorian Football League, going down by 157 points against Footscray in Melbourne.

The Bullants failed to score a single goal - the final score reading 0.4 (4) to 24.17 (161) at Preston City Oval.

Rory Lobb kicked 5 goals for the Bulldogs, while Tony McLean notched up 34 disposals.

For those interested - the four disposals for the Bullants came via two from Darcy Fritsch in the second and third quarter respectively, another in the third from Jean-Luc Velissaris and a fourth from Benjamin Holian in the final quarter.

Ironically, Footscray holds the record for the lowest score in the VFA/VFL since 1897, scoring absolutely nothing back in 1902.

The Bullants have struggled on-field since their affiliation with Carlton ended in 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic. As a standalone side this year, they've managed just two wins, only ahead of winless Coburg on the VFL ladder.

It's not all bad news for the standalone VFL sides - Werribee are currently first on the ladder, and Williamstown is seventh.

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