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Novak Djokovic WINS court case & must be released from immigration detention immediately

This means he will now be able to play in the Australian Open.

Novak Djokovic has won his case in the federal court, meaning he must be released from immigration detention in Melbourne immediately.

Lawyers representing the embattled tennis star revealed late Saturday that he’d tested positive to COVID-19 on December 16.

He used that prior infection to argue he should be exempt from Australia's vaccine travel requirement, even when the cut off date for an exemption application was nearly a week before he tested positive.

The exemption request was late, and the Health Department says prior infection does not provide reasonable grounds for an exemption - but the government granted him a temporary visa on December 30 anyway.

On New Year's Day, the Home Affairs Department also made clear Djokovic had met all the requirements for travel - before they abruptly canceled his visa on arrival.

That’s when, it’s alleged, government officials didn’t give Djokovic an adequate chance to liaise with his lawyers, or rest after 25 hours of travel.

Many commentators have weighed in on the situation over the past few days.

British TV host Piers Morgan said the world number 1 "has the right not to be jabbed, and Australia has the right to chuck him out for making a dodgy visa application."

Yesterday, Shadow Treasurer Jim Chalmers told 6 News that if Djokovic "doesn't comply with the rules & regulations, he shouldn't be here.

"There shouldn't be one set of rules for a celebrity, and another set of rules for everybody else."

Today's ruling also allows the tennis star to play in the upcoming Australian Open, with his visa cancellation now overturned.

Watch our full report here.


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