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One Nation and most other parties in Western Australia lose registration

11 out of the 18 parties registered with the WAEC are on the chopping block.

Almost a dozen parties, including One Nation, have had their registration cancelled by the Western Australian Electoral Commission.

The Daylight Saving Party, Great Australian Party, Health Australia Party, Liberal Democrats, No Mandatory Vaccination Party, Pauline Hanson's One Nation, Shooters, Fishers and Farmers, Small Business Party, Socialist Alliance, Sustainable Australia Party and the Western Australia Party have all been deregistered by the AEC.

The WAEC says on their website that party registrations can be cancelled if the party no longer exists, has failed to endorse a candidate in a general election after being registered or did not lodge an application for continued registration - and it appears the last reason is why all these parties are now on the chopping block.

Labor, Legalise Cannabis, the Liberals, the Greens, the Nationals, the Australian Christians, and Animal Justice Party all appear to be safe, with all but the latter two having some form of representation in the WA parliament.

Of those 11 parties listed before, only Daylight Saving has an MP in the upper house - Wilson Tucker, elected in the Mining and Pastoral Region on preferences with just 98 primary votes back in 2021.

Tucker spoke to 6 News exclusively, revealing he is now entering the new parliamentary year as an independent and the future of the party he formed back in 2016 is now unclear.

"There is a financial burden put on parties, which has made it untenable for a lot of the minor actually hit this registration bar, and actually contest the election."

"The Daylight (Saving) Party is taking a backstep for now...never say never, you might see (the party) rising again in the near-future."

"It's over for now...but in the future we can use the existing member base and we can register."

A party being deregistered does not necessarily mean the party is completely dead. Only a few months ago, the United Australia Party lost registration at a federal level, but senator Ralph Babet still represents them.

Tucker confirmed to 6 News that the DSP's social media accounts and website will remain active ahead of the 2025 state election.

It should also be noted that this only affects registration for state elections in WA, not in any other state, territory or at a federal level.

Next month marks two years since Mark McGowan led Labor to a landslide win that saw the party pick up both houses of parliament.

On Monday March 13, 6 News will air a special report - McGowan's Majority: Two Years On - looking at what the ALP has done with their historic majority.

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