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Scott Morrison 'believes' he's never lied in public life - is that a lie?

The PM made the comments while on 3AW Radio.

There’s an old saying that says if a politician’s lips are moving, you know they’re lying.

But the Prime Minister says he believe he’s never lied in public life.

Speaking on Melbourne's 3AW Radio, Morrison told presenter Neil Mitchell that he's "learned in public life over a long period of time to not have a thin skin, to not get bitter."

The PM has recently faced heavy criticism from Malcolm Turnbull & French President Emmanuel Macron in recent weeks, while also been slammed online by some who say he's "backflipped." on his position on electric vehicles, after announcing 250 million dollars to build charging stations for heavy commercial vehicles, passenger cars and households.

After revealing the new policy, the PM went on breakfast TV - where he was challenged by Channel 7’s hosts, over his false claims about Labor's electric cars policy including a "mandate."

In 2019, he said the policy would "end the weekend" - but it’s not the first time he’s been accused of lying.

Crikey & The Guardian have both published articles on the PM's false claims, from issues like submarines to vaccines.

The new electric cars policy has many believing that the Federal Government has unofficially begun their election campaign, with Australia likely heading to the polls in May 2022.

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