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Scott Morrison called a 'f*ckwit' by an unnamed moderate Liberal MP

WARNING: Some of the language in this report may be offensive to some readers & viewers.

Just one week after the Liberal's election loss, the former Prime Minister is being slammed by an unnamed MP in his own party.

As reported in The Saturday Paper, the moderate MP said that Scott Morrison “fucked us and his fingerprints are absolutely fucking everywhere on that.

"The bloke thinks he is a master strategist. He is a fuckwit."

"We spent a full fucking week being transphobes in parliament and then we spent weeks during the campaign doing the exact same thing, and it was fucking insane."

One Liberal MP also said that Morrison's office "hated me and they briefed against me during the campaign."

Fiona Martin, who lost her NSW seat, said the former PM never called her after the loss - the only outgoing MP who didn't receive a call.

Dave Sharma, who lost the seat of Wentworth, has warned the party against moving to the right, amid strong support for teal independents & The Greens nationwide.

However, others believe Peter Dutton - who is part of the Liberal's National Right wing - is the right man for the job.

Dutton was today elected unopposed as the new Liberal leader, with Sussan Ley as his deputy.

Watch the full report here.

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