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Should he stay or should he go? Conflicting statements from PM over whether Alan Tudge is a minister

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

It comes after 6 News grilled Scott Morrison over multiple allegations of lying.

Scott Morrison has faced questions over whether Alan Tudge is still a cabinet member, with the Prime Minister even being accused by some of "lying."

In early December last year, Morrison told the parliament that Mr Tudge stood aside from the ministry after a fresh claims from a former Liberal staffer made against him.

Rachelle Miller had a consensual affair with Tudge in 2017.

In March, Tudge quit Morrison's cabinet despite insisting an investigation into him cleared him of breaking any rules.

But when announcing the election date yesterday, the PM was asked by a journalist if "Alan Tudge (will) be in your Cabinet, if your Government is returned?"

"Alan Tudge is still in my Cabinet," Morrison replied.

This morning, Morrison claimed that Tudge is "technically" in the cabinet, saying that "he has his portfolio, we have an acting minister in the education portfolio, he is not being paid as a minister."

It comes after he was grilled by 6 News over allegations of lying, and whether he stood by his own claim that he had never told a lie in public office.

You can watch that full interview here, and watch what the PM said about Alan Tudge in both December & yesterday here.

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