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Sky News & Sarah Henderson claim Monique Ryan voted against the Climate Change Bill (she didn't)

The bill yesterday passed the House of Representatives 89-55.

Liberal Senator Sarah Henderson & Sky News have both falsely claimed that independent MP Monique Ryan voted against Labor's Climate Change Bill, which yesterday passed the House of Representatives.

Ryan was one of 7 independents MPs who supported the bill. All Greens, Centre Alliance and Labor MPs - minus Speaker Milton Dick - also supported it.

Liberal MP Bridget Archer chose to cross the floor to back it as well.

But both Sky News & Senator Sarah Henderson have now claimed Ryan voted against it - and while the claim on its own is false, there is an element of truth.

During an early division before voting for the bill itself happened, Ryan voted against an amendment from Greens leader Adam Bandt. She said that was a mistake.

Nationals MP Darren Chester voted for the amendment, which he also said was incorrect.

The clip Ryan shared on Twitter shows her mentioning the amendment, with the clip starting with " the Member for Melbourne."

On Twitter, Sarah Henderson that Ryan "yesterday voted against Labor’s climate change bill in the House of Representatives."

2 hours after publishing her initial tweet, she followed up with a clip from Sky News.

While the clip itself is not misleading on its own (as the full video mentions that it was a vote on an amendment), the video shared by Senator Henderson does not show exactly what Ryan voted for.

On its website, Sky News also claimed Ryan voted against the bill - before later adding a correction.

As of publication, Senator Henderson has not deleted her tweets or corrected the record.


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